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You don’t have to be a food GURU to recognize the difference between a Pringle and a potato or a chicken breast and a chicken nugget. If you can’t pick it up or dig it up it’s not a member of the plant family. Fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, fungus, nuts and seeds are all Mother Nature’s carbohydrates. Everything that grows out of the ground is a carb. The largest portion of your dietary choices, by weight or volume, should be plants. But when you turn fruit into fruit bars and fruit jerky with a long list of ingredients on the back of it's label; it’s no longer fruit. Eat an apple, have a pear or cut up a chilled juicy sweet pineapple; those are fruits. Yes organic although pricey is better for you and the planet than pesticide grown produce. But, whether organic or standard fresh produce; either is better than no produce. So remember if the organic sweet potatoes, beets and carrots etc... are deep fried in high inflammatory sunflower oil or any oil– IT'S STILL JUNK FOOD. Don’t kid yourself. Take good care of yourself.